January 17, 2017

Attention NWPC-TX members: The 85th Texas Legislature began its work with controversial proposed bills on the agenda. Republicans placed high on the agenda SB6, the Texas Privacy Act, intending to prohibit local cities from requiring gender-neutral bathroom use in private businesses. Meanwhile, civil rights activists think the “bathroom bill” is bigotry in motion and economically wasteful. Additionally, anti-abortion legislators continue in their efforts to nullify the recent Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt (2016). The Supreme Court couldn’t have been more clear last Summer when it held that two provisions in a Texas law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and requiring abortion clinics in the state to have facilities comparable to an ambulatory surgical center place a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman’s fundamental right to seek an abortion (Roe) and place an undue burden on access to abortion services (Casey), and therefore violate the Constitution. But Texas anti-abortion legislators are simply re-introducing legislation to make having an abortion a felony. These and other issues important to women’s rights will be monitored by NWPC-Texas, and we will send out calls to action for telephoning legislators or attending hearings. For more information, visit the Texas Observer online for good political analysis on the bathroom bill and the efforts to criminalize abortion.



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Article in Texas Oserver on making abortion a felony: