Vice President

Donna Blevins

Donna first became active in the Caucus in the early 1980s, just a few years after her graduation from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State). The political bug big hard during the Ann Richards' campaign, where she worked as a volunteer and on issue development with Ann and the policy team. 

From 1983-1994, Donna worked numerous legislative sessions on education issues, starting as a teacher group lobbyist, moving on to school finance for then-State Comptroller Bob Bullock, and finishing up with the property-poor school districts suing the state. 

During this time, she had the good fortune to be taught a thing or two by Ernestine Glossbrenner and Libby Linebarger, when they each served as chair of the House Public Education Committee, which cemented Donna’s profound interest in getting good women elected to public office. Along the way, she obtained a Master’s Degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin.

Donna left lobbying for law in 1994, graduating from the UT Law School in 1997. Most of her law career has been spent outside of Austin; but in 2014, she came back for good and reignited her interest and involvement in the Caucus. She is the President-Elect and will assume the presidency in 2018.