Vice President of Finance

Bridget Tobin

Bridget Tobin, Vice President of Finance, is a recent college graduate, teacher, and political consultant. Bridget was born in Austin and lived here until 2001. She moved back in 2015 and began working as a World History teacher with KIPP Austin Collegiate high school. In 2016, she worked as the field director for Judge Tamara Needles' campaign for 427th District Court Judge and the David Holmes for County Commissioner Pct. 3 Campaign.

After working as a Committee Reporter at the 85th Texas Legislative Session with the company Telicon, Bridget will be working part-time at the Special Session this summer and starting as a Front Desk Clerk with the affordable housing non-profit, Foundation Communities.

Bridget is grateful for the work of women before her who opened doors for women in politics and continue to fight for the next generation, despite the constant obstacles. She plans to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work and Public Administration within the next few years and is thrilled to raise money for pro-choice female candidates across the state of Texas in the 2018 elections.